moineau productions

is an independent film production company based in Umeå, Northern Sweden. It was started and is run by an actress, film director and producer Yuliya Antonova. The company is primarly focused on production of short films, both fiction and documentary, with a strong female perspective. Our main goal is to let women tell their stories, that's why we have a strong focus on the women-centered narratives and female gaze. Our film crews are always at least 50% female where women have key creative roles.

We believe that constant work and persistence will help us to achieve gender equality in film production and to enhance the representation of women, LGBTQ people and minorities both in front of and behind the camera.

who is Yuliya Antonova?

Hi! I'm Yuliya and I work as a freelance actress, film director and occasinally short film producer. Based in Northern Sweden, I work across the whole country and abroad. Aside from filmmaking and acting, I also work as a first assistant director, 2d assistant director, coordinator and casting assistant. You can read more about me and my work experience here