Yuliya Antonova

About me

Actress & film directror

Yuliya Antonova is an actress and film director of Chuvash and Tatar origin living and working in Sweden. She appeared in a number of European films that have been screened internationally. 

At present, Yuliya mostly works with short films, both fiction and documentary. She writes scripts and directs, and also produces some projects through her film production company Moineau Productions that she started in 2018.

Yuliya has been a participant in a number of creative labs and workshops:

  • Off-Courts Trouville International Creative Laboratories '17
  • Uppsala Talent Days '18
  • Sundsvall Talent Lab "Norrland Brinner " '20
  • The Film Workshop NUFF (Nordic Youth Film Festival) '20
  • Tempo Impact Workshop '21
  • Young Nordic Producers Club '21

Yuliya has written and directed 5 short films: 

  • Dans l'eau / In The Water (France '18)
  • In Your Room (France '18)
  • Anna (France '18)
  • Ekträdet / The Oak Tree (Sweden '21)
  • Spin the Bottle (Sweden '22)

And she's currently working on her 6th short film which is under development.